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Whispering Winds Kennel English Springer Spaniels and Beagles

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Beagles Available

 Throughout the course of the next few weeks,  our little babies will start to change in their looks. For those of you who have never owned a Beagle, or have never seen how they change, please pay close attention to the white markings. On our Tri's their faces, ears, and some on the legs and part of their bodies will begin to turn tan.

Patsy and Bently blessed us with a nice litter of 3 lemon females, 3 Tri males and 1 lemon male.

Lexus and Royce had a small litter with only 1 tri male and 1 tri female

Please email with a phone number and a good time to call for more information and pricing.


Lexus Tri Female DOB 10/26/13
Currently available


Lexus Tri Male 10/26/13
Currently Available


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Lemon Female 1 DOB 10/26/13
Currently Available


Patsy Lemon Female 2 10/26/13
Currently Available


The empty boxes are reserved for individual pictures after their eyes are open.


PayPal, Visa or Mastercard accepted for puppy deposits. Arrangemnets can be made to make a full payment.