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Whispering Winds Kennel English Springer Spaniels and Beagles

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Studs Available

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Our Show Beagle

Hi everyone. My registered name is Whispering Winds Rolls Royce.  Kevin and Kim drove all the way to Chardon's Kennels in Davenport IA to get me.  Although I was shown in puppy trials I soon became to big to be a true show dog.  I am now just over 15" but I sure am a proud boy and strut my stuff like I'm in the show ring.

We have High expectations for this lil Guy.

Hello. My name is Casey. I'm a field bred B/W English Springer Spaniel. I'm very high energy, love to please, play, and yes, I love to chase butterflies as well. I can almost clear a 6" fence chasing those colorfull winged insects. I will be a daddy again this winter, with Letty being my girl. They will be high energy for hunting, yet can remain mellow for indoors.
Available for stud to approved females.

Being comfy

Congratulations Stewart
Therapy Dog Cert. 6/07
Canine Good Citizen Award 6/07
Eye Cert 6/07
Busy month

Well they finally got their Lemon beagle.  They haven't come up with a registered name yet but the name Bently fits me perfect as I'm one of a kind. I was born 10/2/08 to Bee and Scout.  Kevin and Kim leased my mom Bee out last summer to a nice lady South of here. My dady Scout has strong Chardon show lines. I've been told I've got the show look about me.

Picture of one of my blue babies

Hi everyone. My name is Beemer. I am just one of my owners *Pride & Joys*  I was born on Jan. 20, 2005.
 I still love to torment the other dogs. I prefer to call it playtime. I also love lots of attention. I get along great with all of the dogs.
 Check out my litters of puppies. There are also a few that have very unique coloring.  Keep your eyes open for Lemons, Reds, Tri's, Chocolates and OH YEAH, we even had a BLUE!!! They're just as adorable as me!!!
 Right now I'm the main beagle dude around here.
Available for stud to approved females.

Casey On A Mission Check out my new babies on the Springers available link !!

Like I need an introduction? Ok. Hello to one and all. My name is Whispering Winds Gordon's Idol. They call me *Stewart*. I am a B/W/T English Springer Spaniel. I was born on Feb. 11, 2004.  I have Sired 5 litters of puppies so far. I love being a daddy and quite frankly I help puppy sit all of the puppies here, even the Beagles !!!   I have been trained to hunt and love to retrieve. However, my owners felt it best that I do this thing you call *Search and Rescue*  So for the last year or so I have been in training, (doing rather well I may add). Hoping to be certified soon. I've been working very hard lately as you can tell by my new awards and just got my eyes certified too.
Available for stud to approved females.