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Whispering Winds Kennel English Springer Spaniels and Beagles

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Our Family of Pooches

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Whispering Winds Need for Speed Talley
B/W/T DOB 2/10/2007


Whispering Winds Living the Dream AKA Daytona
Our beautiful Sable girl

Whispering Winds Living the Dream AKA Daytona
DOB  2/20/09
Our search for a beautiful Springer was answered when we found Daytona.  She is a very outgoing loving girl that would be happier when she's on our lap or next to our feet. She is bench/field bred 40lbs and 18in.


W Winds Chardon's LanBur Cheyenne
DOB 5/19/2012
This pretty little girl is full of spunk. 13" 20lbs and always ready to rock. Champion Chardon linage and her daddy came out of the same kennel that Uno and Shylo came from. 

BD Copper Penny AKA Lexus
Brn/Wht/Tn DOB 8/5/2009


Born 10/07/2005
13" 17 lbs.
This is our little Shelby. She is from Porche and Otis. Other than looks she is the splitting image of her mamma. She can't get enough attention, must always be by your side. Sitting at the computer and she is laying behind me.


Whispering Winds Gone in 60 Seconds "Shelby"

Whispering Winds Dad's 71 Super Bee  DOB 10/12/06.
My mom and dad are Beemer and Mercedes. I have a slender build like my mom. 13 3/4" 16lbs. I love to play keep away with the other pooches, especially my new son Bently. I should be having my next litter Spring of 2011.

Whispering Winds Dad's 71 Super Bee

Whispering Winds Rubbing The Wall    *Bristol*
Born 3/17/08      Liver/White Female.
 My new owners just picked me up on 5/18/08. They already love the way I like to run around and jump over everything.
 More to come later.

DOB 3/18/08
Bristol the pistol 1/8/09

Cabela 1/8/09
One of our newest female Springers

Very comfy up here.

Whispering Winds Shelby 427 '09 AKA Vegas

Whispering Winds Shelby 427 '09 AKA Vegas
DOB 1/23/09
I am a Daughter of Whispering Winds Rookie of the year. I was the biggest girl in the litter but have now come to the ideal size of 32 lbs 17 in. Very energetic and loves running in the woods with the four wheeler.